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Here at explain-it, we are a team of very different personalities and strong characters, with one thing in common: the belief that a job means something more than trading time for money. We would like to equip each employee to grow as a person and have a great time. Because we think that you need to enjoy your job and feel at ease in a team in order to perform to the best of your ability and spread enthusiasm among our customers. Since we are continually growing, we are always on the lookout for new colleagues who would fit into our team and would like to develop alongside us. If you still need some convincing arguments as to why you should apply to explain-it, then take a look at our Team page, where you can get to know your future colleagues and the working environment virtually, and find out more about us and the benefits of a job with the explanation experts. 

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What your future colleagues say about working at explain-it

Maximilian Winnen, Consultant
"Working at explain-it is working among friends – and above all working with passion! All the people in our team are totally into their work, always give their best and get excited about every finished explanatory video and training course. The bosses are happy with their employees, the concept developers and designers are happy to have exciting projects and the challenge of communicating effectively, the consultants are happy with fantastic products and high demand – and of course the customers are happy with results that reflect passion and teamwork!"
Julia Jessenberger, Motion Designer
"When you love what you do, that's more than just a job for me! ;-) And that's how it is at explain-it. I love my job as a motion designer because it offers lots of variety and plenty of challenges. My team is simply the bee's knees! I can't describe it any other way, nor would I want to. ;-) It really is like working with your friends, fighting over new tools and software, and then going for a beer. I also think it's great that everyone chips in with their own ideas and is able to develop and grow. I could go on like this for ages, but I'll try and keep it brief. For me, working at explain-it is all about fun, teamwork and exciting projects!"
Markus Grimm, Project Manager
"We have absolutely loads to do, but that brings us closer together. We are a SUPER team in which talent is recognised and nurtured, and everyone can play a part they enjoy here. Team spirit is also encouraged: I can remember countless team events and anecdotes that still make us laugh today… ;) And what we do every day really makes sense, because we can deliver genuine value added for our customers with our products – and that works both ways!"
Annalena Moritz, Assistant to the Board of Directors
"In all the years I've worked at explain-it, one thing has stayed the same: I enjoy going to work every day. We all pull together here and really believe in what we do – and that gives me pleasure. Oh, and another thing: we work hard and play hard – so we have a blast whatever we're doing!"
Torben Dietrich, Director of Conceptual Design
"I was the twelfth explanation expert to join the team some years ago. The explain-it family has grown quite a bit since then and has not only brought some great new people into our life, but also a wealth of know-how to the company. I am really thrilled when we inspire customers and viewers. And it's just as important to me that we ourselves are also inspired – by all that we do. This becomes apparent to me not only in good films, but also in discussions, during lunch on the roof terrace and when we meet up in a bar in the evenings :)"
Silke Schriefer, Head of Marketing
"For me, every working day at explain-it starts with a cheerful 'Good morning' to my colleagues and a delicious espresso on our roof terrace. If that's not reason enough to give explain-it a Top Employer award, I also love the fact that my job is varied and creative every day and that I have plenty of freedom to make decisions. On top of this, we treat one another with respect and show our appreciation, part of which is making sure that every individual is able to develop. And, as well as flexible working hours and lots of goodies, including a company bicycle, fitness studio and the like, I'm also allowed to bring my dog to work every day. I score it 10 points out of a possible 10."