explain-it handmade Erklärvideo Musik
explain-it animade Erklärvideo Schreibtisch
explain-it animade Erklärvideo Hühner
explain-it custom Erklärvideo Flughafen
explain-it animade Erklärvideo Schlafzimmer
explain-it custom Erklärvideo Bierflasche
explain-it custom Erklärvideo Comic-Stil
explain-it animade icon Erklärvideo
explain-it handmade Erklärvideo Weltkugel
explain-it animade Erklärvideo Computer

Explainer videos by explain-it

Would you like to explain complex subject matter in a simple and entertaining way? Then you're in the right place! You can use our explainer videos to get to the heart of any complex subject in a simple way.

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Hand-drawn cutout animation, individually animated or in your unique corporate design

explain-it handmade

Our cutout animation classic, which reduces everything to the essential.

  • Fixed price: €4,800 plus VAT
  • Length: 1 min. (+1 min. = €1,500)
  • Duration: 20 days from briefing (Sprint package: 10 days +€2,400)

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explain-it animade

Our animated explanatory video, individually designed for you.

  • Fixed price: €6,800 plus VAT
  • Length: 1 min. (+1 min. = €2,500)
  • Duration: 30 days from briefing (Sprint package: 20 days +€2,400)

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explain-it custom

Explanatory videos as unique as your company.

  • Fixed price: €18,500 plus VAT
  • Length: 2 min. (Even longer? Available on request.)
  • Duration: 30 days from briefing (style guide 35 days)

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100% of our customers are satisfied, 94% are even delighted (2017)

Eye Tracking study on explanatory videos

In 2016 we conducted an eye-tracking/face-reader reaction study with explanatory videos in collaboration with the University of Pforzheim. During the study we investigated the following questions:
  • What is the overall impression of the videos?
  • Is the use of colour noticed in the explain-it handmade videos? If so, does this add value?
  • Are the background animations noticed and, if so, how?
  • How is the sound perceived? Is there any preference for more or less sound?
  • How are the various design concepts received?
Study results

Production sequence for an explanatory video



Before everything gets going, you are sure to have a few questions or requests. It is for precisely this reason that your customer advisor is available from the outset. He or she listens first... and then discusses every aspect with you – from the animation through the CI to the timetable – leaving no question unanswered.


Everything revolves around your topic in the briefing! Along with two developers, we discuss everything of importance to your explain-it explanatory video on the phone or in person: Who your target group is. What we need to explain. Because you are the expert on your subject, whilst we have an external perspective and are experts at identifying the essential aspects of a subject. This combination lays the foundation for a successful production.
Spoken text

Spoken text

From this point, we see the world through the eyes of your target group: What's really important in order to understand the topic? And how do we condense it into a story in a way that appeals to your target group? Our conceptual design specialists get their brains in gear until we have a punchy storyline with a commentary that gets to the heart of the matter.


You're literally in the picture when you get to hold the storyboard in your hands: it shows you what your explain-it explanatory film will look like. You can see the images that we will be using in the finished explanatory video on the storyboard from the start. Expressive and comprehensible picture language ensures that the images of crucial importance to understanding will stick in the minds of your target group.


Shoot, cutting & animation - last but not least, your subject learns to walk: with explain-it animade and custom, our motion designers now conjure up an animated explanatory film from the storyboard. And with explain-it handmade, the cue is: Lights, camera, action! A genuine explain-it handmade is of course always hand-crafted, which means which means a director films a hand model in our studio. Our cutters will then cut your explain-it handmade, set it to music and supply it to you in any format.

Do you have any further questions?
Perhaps our FAQs will be of assistance:

How do I need to contribute to the realisation?

How do I need to contribute to the realisation?

Your project is in good hands with us: you complete a questionnaire to prepare for the briefing and supply us with information on your topic (e.g. leaflets or presentations). Our developers will hold a briefing with you for an hour or so to clarify any unanswered questions and then the project manager draws up the project plan. We take over from this point: you will be led through the production process step by step and be sent the spoken text, the storyboard and the finished film for approval – professionally and on schedule.
In what file format will I receive my film?

In what file format will I receive my film?

We supply our films as standard in MPEG4 format. Do you need your film in a different file format? No problem – we can supply your explain-it explanatory film in any file format you require and in the resolution you need for the video. And there will be no surcharge!
What do you mean by the film being "without branding"?

What do you mean by the film being "without branding"?

The customers have the leading role in our explanatory films: "no branding" means that no explain-it logo can be seen throughout the entire film. If you allow us to superimpose our logo at the end of your explanatory film, we will honour this with a discount of 800 euros off the production price.