explain-it handmade

Our cutout animation classic, which reduces everything to the essential.

  • Hand-drawn illustrations and loving craftsmanship
  • Maximum learning value with pared-down drawings and clear movements
  • Scientifically sound

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Your explain-it handmade at a transparent fixed price.

An explain-it handmade costs: €4,800 plus VAT All services are included in this package: from the briefing, through the spoken text and the storyboard, to the finished film. A summary of the key facts: length 1 minute, drawings in black and white, music and German narrator. 

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Additional packages

Can be adapted to cater for every requirement - scroll through our additional packages!
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+ European language version
English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch
Use your explain-it handmade for international audiences too. All our translators and narrators are native speakers and are the very best in their respective countries.
+ Global language adaptation
Any other world languages
There may be 6,912 different languages in the world but none so far that our professional native speakers have been unable to cope with – be it Russian, Chinese, Korean or an exotic dialect. This allows you to explain your subject to your customers and partners worldwide.
+ Colour package
Up to ten colour drawings
It often makes sense to use colour to direct attention to particularly relevant aspects. Our colour package gives you access to millions of shades, so your explain-it handmade can be as colourful as the world around us.
+ Sprint package
The finished film in just 10 working days
Sometimes it's like Christmas: the trade fair, presentation or product launch is on you before you know it. No need to worry – we can sprint as well! We can halve the production time with the same standards of quality, allowing you to shine with your explain-it handmade film just 10 working days after the briefing.
+ Extra-minute

For each additional minute €1,500 plus VAT
As the saying goes: Brevity is the soul of wit. However, a subject is sometimes so complex and substantial that it cannot be explained in one minute. It may make sense for the film to be two, three or even four minutes long. In this case you can book extra-minutes for your video.

+ Corporate colours
Drawings to match CD colours
Thanks to a special studio technique, we are able to put the lines of the drawings in our handmade explanatory films in the colours of your choice. An ideal way to use your corporate design colours to give your explain-it handmade an individual look.
+ 4k package
Razor-sharp explanatory videos for your presentation!
4k is double the resolution of Full HD – so it's twice as sharp, as it were! We can produce our explanatory videos in 4k thanks to the latest studio and cutting techniques. Presentations and trade fairs with very large screens can make good use of this feature, for example.

Add interactions to your explain-it handmade!

  • Addition of interactions to your explain-it handmade explanatory film
  • More fun in learning with gamification elements (quizzes, learning paths and response elements)
  • Maximum learning success with the pared-down drawings of our cutout animation classic in combination with interactions
  • +€2,500 plus VAT as an additional package to your explain-it handmade

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