Interactive explainer video

Your explainer video as an interactive learning experience.

  • Your explain-it video can be supplemented with interactions: quizzes (like “question & answer,” “drag & drop” etc.), forms, response elements or Call2Actions
  • 22% more knowledge growth through the active participation of users and gamification
  • Simple incorporation into your learning management system (LMS), your website or a browser-based intranet

Catch me if you can!

“Why do we ask students to catch a LTE figure and tell stories about the doorman who is blocking the way to long-term memory? Because we want to awaken emotions with the help of gamification, personification and storytelling – and to turn learning into a real experience.”

Susanne Heindl, conception specialist

Which stories do you have to tell?


We love transparency, you love planning security – we can offer an interactive explainer video for a transparent fixed price from €8,000.

Including: A handmade explainer video of two minutes (individual price: €5,500) with up to three interactions (€2,500).
You need more than two minutes? Or you prefer our animade or custom videos? Feel free to contact us and we will find the best solution for you – and tell you the exact price.

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This is how an interactive explanatory video is produced



Before things get rolling, you will certainly have a few questions or requests. What style should the interactive explainer video have? And what type of interactions should we include? No matter whether you are interested in a response element, an exhaustive quiz or a little warm-up interaction – our client advisers will be at your side from the very start, will listen carefully and assist you. From animation, to CI up to the scheduling – no question remains unanswered.



This is where our concept specialists swing into action. During the briefing, we ask a large number of questions and grill you until we know your goals, target groups and focal points inside out. After all, you are the expert about your topic – we have an outsider’s perspective and are experts in identifying the essence of a topic. This combination forms the foundation for a successful production.

Speaker’s text

Speaker’s text

Starting right now, we see the world from the perspective of your target group: What is really necessary to understand a topic? And how can we pack it all into a story that is appropriate for your target group? We will consider using suitable interactions and gamification elements to develop an educationally effective and entertaining interactive explainer video. Our conception specialists will burn the midnight oil until they have a snappy storyline – with a speaker’s text that perfectly encapsulates your topic.



When you are holding the storyboard in your hands, you will be completely in the picture: That is, you will know exactly what your interactive explainer video will look like. The storyboard shows the pictures and interactions that we will use later in the completed product. So you will have a very clear idea about how your interactive explainer video will appear in the end.



The final countdown: We launch production! Our motion designers do animation work, shoot the video and add the sound. Finally, during the technical implementation work, your explainer video is made interactive.

Why use video in e-learning?

Videos have become a key part of corporate learning for good reason. They can be used in all sorts of ways in e-learning. Here are just three of them:

High level of acceptance

Videos are the most popular learning medium – this can be demonstrated not only by academic research, but also by the fact that more and more people willingly watch educational and explanatory videos on YouTube.

Emotion & Storytelling

Videos are a great way to tell a story. Stories touch people’s emotions, are more intensely processed as information and remembered faster. And they are fun and increase people’s ability to retain information!

Comprehensive visualization options

Videos make microscopic processes visible, abstract topics real and complex activities understandable. No medium explains a topic as clearly as a video!

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